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1.Monthly nobility reset (100%).
2.New players get starter pack with +12 equipment for their chosen class.
3.All classes from offical conquer.
4.Drop rate: 3,000 cps per monster. AFK map(Desert City at LootZone) has a drop of 2,000 cps per second.
5.AutoHunt Drop Rate: random drop of 1,500 or 2,000.
6.Every hour there is events and bosses.
7.VIP 1-6 and VIP9 (attribute points,auto loot and revive while in autohunt.)
8.FB/SS Tournaments,Super Guild War,Guild war,Daily Guild War ,Hourly PK,Last Man Standing,Treasure Box,Steed Race.
9.Mining system to give rewards to help build new characters.
10.Second Rebirth, Reincarnation System, Max level 140, +12 equpiment,P7's.
11.Anti-Cheat Launcher.
12.Always coming up with new events/quest we love to hear from our players ideas also to keep the game exciting!


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1.WARNING! If you share your account and your account gets botjailed,banned,stolen or anything goes missing the GMs will not help you.
We strongly advise do not share your account.
2.Advertising other servers is forbidden.
3.Insulting or disrespecting GM/PH or insulting the server.
4.Abusing bugs knowing it's a bug and not reporting it to staff.
5.Spamming the GMs/PHs for ANY items or CPS can lead to account ban.
6.Clickers,Aimbots,Macros,Zoom Hacks or any other programs that makes it unfair playing will result in botjail. After 2 botjails it is a permanent ban.
7.Selling cps and accounts for real money will result in a permanent ban.
8.Racism, Harassment of any kind, insulting other players religious views.
9.Impersonation of a GM/PH even if you are joking is against the rules and will not be tolerated and will be a permanent ban.

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